• Step 1: Requirements

    In this initial interactive stage, project requirements and strategic objectives are developed and refined. Acting as a consultant drawing upon our vast experience, specific objectives are focused upon with emphasis on creative, technical, operational, financial, and strategic processes.

  • Step 2: Design

    During this phase, emphasis is placed upon the "manufacturing" design process to establish blueprints for necessary locations, exhibits, presentations, "showware", and deliverables for a successful event. Appropriate reviews are calibrated against meeting objectives in order to keep the design phase on target.

  • Step 3: Production

    It is during this phase that the actual construction of all "deliverables" takes place. For instance; hotels booked, film and video shot, music scored, transportation arranged, staging constructed, menus finalized, entertainment booked, agendas manufactured, etc.

  • Step 4: Implementation

    The Event General Manager and the Strategic Event Management & Production Team, are on-site to bring all elements together for a successful event. Load-in, set-up, rehearsals, and adjustments are made to completely satisfy your requirements. This is where our experience and attention to detail come together to deliver a flawless project.

  • Step 5: Measurement/Evaluation

    At this critical phase, your audience is asked for their feedback against the stated strategic objectives of your event. The evaluation, along with a complete financial reconciliation, is then packaged for management use. This information has proven invaluable to our clients for measuring the impact of their event's objectives while learning about marketing opportunities for the future.