August 5, 2002 - With the current market conditions and business climate, it's no surprise that many corporations are cutting back on their internal events and communications projects.

"While many corporations are taking a "let's just wait it out" strategy in terms of event involvement, the smarter ones are using this opportunity to strategically move ahead - with outstanding results", says Monica Gilmore, Director of Survey & Measurement at Strategic Events and President of On The Mark Surveys, Inc, a Strategic Events' subsidiary.

"In terms of internal events, we're seeing savvy companies getting in touch with their employees and connecting on a solid, personal level. Finding out what their employees need to hear... what their fears are...what is going right...and what needs to be improved" notes Gilmore.

With this information, often gathered through confidential e-surveys, crucial trends and information are identified. This information is then analyzed and packaged for management, and an action plan is developed. Your employees can then be addressed in the most appropriate way (whether through video, print, events, etc.) with the most appropriate message.

Monica observes "I've seen numerous companies cancel their sales rallies and meetings this year. However, this can truly send the wrong message to a workforce, as it makes it seem like there is no communicable plan in place. Instead, being sensitive to real concerns and scaling back the extravagance of the event while talking straight-ahead business & strategy is often the correct move. Showing strong leadership and talking candidly will go a long way in this marketplace."

Do you know what your employees are really thinking? What their greatest fears about the next six months are? What they think you can do to make things better?

Strategic Events can help you find out through our comprehensive survey development and analysis, for a lot less than you might think. Please contact Strategic Events so that we can tell you more about a plan to help your organization.

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