It was 8.30PM on December 31st, and our offices had closed for the New Year Holiday when we received a frantic call from a new client on our mobile phone. They had a very important upcoming event in Pattaya, Thailand for which they needed a custom stage built, full audio/lighting/video equipment with technicians, and a gala evening full of entertainment....they asked, "could you help us?"

"Of course", we answered! "Great", was their reply. Followed quickly by "Oh, and did we mention that the event is in less than a week, and it's currently a holiday weekend?!"

Our team sprung into action, building a custom set from a rendering that was supplied to us:

We called our fabrication shop and got quickly to work during the holidays. Less than a week later, we delivered our new client a fantastic event:

When it was all finished, our client wrote:

We highly appreciate your efficiency and co-operative attitude to make things happen in such a short period of time. I do believe that we will have a lot chances to work together again in Thailand and many other countries!

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